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Posting: Assistant Superintendent 2024-2025 SY
Job Category:Administration
Schedule:232 Days
Salary:$0.00 - $0.00
Licensed Position:YESFull Time:YES
To apply, please submit to your resume and cover letter detailing your relevant experience.



Assistant Superintendent


1. Mississippi certificate in Educational Administration and Supervision 

2. Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision; 

    Doctorate degree preferred  

3. Five years’ experience in educational administration 

4. Alternative and supplemental requirements as the Superintendent and 

    the Board of Trustees may find appropriate and necessary 

Reports to:


Job Goal:

1. To assist the Superintendent in overseeing the day-to-day operations of all facets of school district programs


2. To assist the Superintendent in providing leadership in the development of the best possible curriculum instruction and evaluation programs 

Typical Duties and  


Such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned, including but not limited to: 

  1. Provides leadership assistance in support of the Superintendent for the development, promotion, and implementation of the district’s priorities, objectives, and improvement efforts 

  2. Provides district-wide direction, coordination, and leadership in the areas of curriculum, personnel, instruction supervision, operations and educational services generally

  3.  Supervises the preparation of reports, records, and similar documentation appropriate to the administration of the school district and/or required by the Superintendent 

  4.  Is responsible for day-to-day internal operations of the district and acts in place of the Superintendent in the Superintendent’s absence 

  5. Provides leadership and assistance in the development and implementation of the budget process 

  6. Assists and facilitates communications with both internal and external school groups 

  7. Promotes Laurel School District by interacting with the community, civic leaders, and various groups

  8. Identifies “target projects” for instructional improvements and makes recommendations for processing the improvements 

  9. Identifies “target projects” for operational improvements and makes recommendations for processing the improvements 

  10.  Attends all regular and special meetings of the Board of Education and executive or study sessions when requested by the Superintendent 

  11.  Interprets the educational program of the school district to the Board of Education, the professional staff, and the community in concert with the Superintendent

  12.  Keeps abreast of changes and developments in education and uses this knowledge constructively in the operation of educational services 

  13.  Services as Acting Superintendent in the absence of the Superintendent as may be requested by the Superintendent 

  14.  Assists the Superintendent with all public relations and information issues 

  15.  Makes recommendations to the Superintendent for program and policy changes 

  16. Conducts district-wide research and develops a system of program evaluation as needed 

  17.  Keeps informed on educational trends and research findings

  18. Prepares reports for the Board of Education as needed 

  19.  Represents the Superintendent on all commissions, councils, and committees as assigned 

  20.  Keeps the Superintendent informed regarding all state instructional mandates, regulations, requirements, etc 

  21.  Assists with the leadership and oversight of business operations and facility management 

  22.  Performs such other tasks and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools

  23. Demonstrates prompt and regular attendance 

  24. Supports the Laurel School District Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan 



Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

Scope of Work:

To support the Mission and Beliefs of the District when carrying out duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Pay and work year will be established by the Board of Trustees


Yes / No